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Many seniors love to shoot at the Quincey & Company farm in Alvarado, TX.

We grow organic hay at the farm (yes that is a thing)! I'm a bit of a modern day hippie! I love to do everything the most natural way possible. If you come during fertilization time the farm will smell like fresh maple syrup. It's yummy smelling! All products used on our grass are safe and organic to sit and lie down. My kids have been known to

pluck the native chives and eat it while perusing the property. 

I'm including some of the many images caught at the farm across the years. Depending on the season, we have tall beautiful native grass to gorgeous wildflowers. Two old rustic barns; one wood and one rusty metal, several swings, a rusty 'ole truck, fences and gates, huge oak trees and of course access to any of my larger props like vintage style bikes, and chairs & couches that aren't transportable to other locations besides the farm. We also have some areas with an industrial vibe. I've had seniors bring horses, vehicles, guns, bows, pets, show animals, smoke bombs, etc.

which are all allowed at our farm! 

Of course every senior is different and we do travel

to achieve various looks to cater to his/her style. 

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