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What do I do now that I have a senior?

I know many of you are first time senior parents. This can be an emotional time, stressful time, with a list of things to do a mile long. One of those 'things' includes senior portraits.

Who do you pick? When do you schedule? What products do you need to get? How much does it cost?

Let me answer all of these questions for you...

1. Who do you pick? Me of course! Ha. No but seriously, when shopping for a senior photographer, you want to first look at their senior work.

Do the portraits match your style?

Do they retouch just enough, but not too much?

Do they offer custom senior products that set you apart from everyone else?

Do they give variety in their portraits, not using a one style/one location fits all approach.

Do they know what seniors need?

Are they personable. (not all are)! Ha

Are they insured? (not many are)!

Do they listen to what YOU want to do? Within reason of course...sometimes photographers might have to say that a particular picture/pose or outfit might not look great for that session. :) Trust their artistic opinions and vision too.

Do they have a nice meeting place to discuss your session, order your products (seeing the products in person), and view your gallery?

2. When do you schedule? As soon as possible to get on the 2015-2016 calendar. If you want water pictures, like getting into the water, don't schedule during winter. If you want a fall type look, get on the calendar asap. If you love spring, don't wait until May. While it is gorgeous in Texas in May, it is much too close to graduation for your products to be produced after the editing process. It takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks to get all products to be on the safe side. We do unique and custom graduation announcements. Those need to be mailed to your friends and family around 4 weeks prior to graduation to follow etiquette protocol. You can book a complimentary consultation with me at any time to discuss your shoot, to look at the products in my collections, and to meet me to see if I'm a great fit for you!

3. What products do you need to get?

While many people think they have to order the products from the school's vendor, this is completely untrue. You can get signature products from me to mail announcements to family, wallets to hand out, etc. I offer a full line of custom products geared towards seniors, like signing boards for grad parties for example. Are the school's vendor products cheaper than mine? Honestly, no. They are very comparable and my prices come with the portraits taken, as theirs do not.

4. How much do you cost? I know this is an important question with all of the expenses of a senior. I have a ~150 session fee that is explained on other pages of my site. I offer 3 signature collections with various products that seniors, parents, and grandparents want! Collections start at ~550 and include digital files as well. If you don't want a collection, I offer an a la carte menu, however the minimum purchase from it is ~250.

Are there cheaper photographers, absolutely! It is up to you to pick someone that will capture this monumental year. It is probably one of the last times your child will have professional pictures until they get married! Here's a great analogy someone shared with me...some people buy Cadillacs because they love the look, the quality and they make the purchase work for them. Some buy more inexpensive cars because that is what works for them. Eveyone holds a different value on things and it is different for us all. I provide quality work and quality products!

I'm an Audi driver. Audi is one of the luxury car brands. Did I choose it to be snobby? No! When I purchased my Audi Q5, it was rated as the safest car on the road and I had a newborn baby for the first time. I'm not rich, but made the transaction work for me to get what I wanted. Same concept in everything in life. I'd love to be your photographer!

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